Company Description:

Assurit is a certified, award-winning cybersecurity company headquartered in Fairfax, VA, serving public and private sector clients nationwide. Our company was founded in order to fill a need for a highly-specialized, client-focused, industry leader in cybersecurity. We understand our clients’ needs vary significantly — and we pride ourselves in our ability to listen, innovate and deliver tailored services and solutions that fit client requirements and budgets like a glove.

In today’s digital era, anything and everything that makes our government agencies and businesses function is stored electronically: personally identifiable information (PII), top-secret national security information, trade secrets, intellectual property (IP), and so on. All this data rests in our information systems, which are exposed to numerous internal and external threats daily, including the unwavering threat of the Internet. A single security incident has the potential to cause millions of dollars-worth of damage and cause an irreparable loss of rapport.

As a leading cybersecurity company, Assurit understands the importance of our clients’ IT resources — it’s why our core mission is to protect people, data and information systems by delivering innovative solutions to the most complex cybersecurity challenges.

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