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Company Description:

PowerDMARC is an email security and authentication platform that’s built to combat domain spoofing. The company leverages protocols like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF to secure business email channels and validate emails. By protecting their domains, PowerDMARC helps organizations eliminate the possibility of a phishing attempt on its clients and employees. Their AI-based threat intelligence engine drives the constant domain monitoring to root out malicious IPs that are abusing business domains.

PowerDMARC’s services go far beyond just email security—DMARC is critical to brand safety. By preventing attackers from impersonating their brands, the company protects businesses from becoming the face of phishing scams and losing customer trust. They even offer the latest BIMI standard, a way for email recipients to visually confirm the legitimacy of an email.

Email is open and free, making it one of the easiest and most exploitable channels for attackers to steal data and spread malware. But that openness is exactly why email is so popular all around the world. It’s PowerDMARC’s enduring mission to make email safe again. For businesses, for clients, and for everyone else.

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