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Company Description:

Wallarm is next generation web security solution designed to protect online businesses from application-level attacks. It organically combines vulnerability detection with web application firewall (WAF). Its key features include blocking of 0days attacks with behavioural analytics and machine learning, vulnerability detection, low false positives and resistance to spam in the interface. Wallarm provides rich vertical/horizontal scaling options to protect extremely loaded applications with a very low-performance degradation. Due to integration with popular bug trackers it’s a perfect way to automate secure development life-cycle (SDL) and continuous integration (CI). Wallarm is developed on top of NGINX, an increasingly popular high-performance web server and load balancer used by 35% of the busiest 1000 websites. It targets clients with high loaded web projects in e-commerce, SaaS/ PaaS, big data, news media, communication and online payments markets.

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