Specialization: IT Solutions

Company Description:

Indeed Identity is one of the leading software vendors developing a line of products meant to manage smart cards, login credentials, and user access to the company’s information resources. Due to Indeed Identity products, you can improve the security level of your company by:

  • Implementing strong and multi-factor authentication. With our software product Indeed Access Manager, you can avoid unauthorized access to the information systems of your company by implementing strong and multi-factor authentication. For this, different access scenarios can be supported and any authentication technology can be used: biometrics, smart cards, RFID, and one-time passwords (OTP) could be chosen.
  • Controlling privileged employee access. With our software product Indeed Privileged Access Manager, you can take under control all the privileged accounts of your company. Privileged users have complete access to maintain your IT infrastructure and are able to make sweeping and fundamental changes to IT systems on which the business may depend. Now, this problem can be solved.
  • Managing digital certificates’ and smart cards’ lifecycle. With our software product Indeed Certificate Manager, you can control using the smart cards and digital certificates, and effectively manage your Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). It is even possible to replace your hardware smart card with a network-attached smart card (Indeed Airkey Enterprise), that lets a user perform the same operations as with the hardware smart card does.

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Konstitucijos av. 21A, Vilnius


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Prudential Tower Singapore, 30 Cecil Street #19-08, Singapore


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