Company Description:

Parsons has worked behind the scenes for 30+ years to deliver cybersecurity services to federal customers that have protected our nation’s most sensitive information and critical infrastructure. This experience is enhanced by 70+ years of experience designing, building, and managing these assets around the globe. Parsons has combined its in-depth knowledge of cybersecurity with its expertise in the sustainment of critical assets to offer PARSecure®, a secure suite of services that includes both cyber and physical security. This offering allows us to leverage our experience and become a trusted, cybersecurity partner for customers in federal, state, local government, and the commercial marketplace. Using PARSecure® and our team of cybersecurity experts, we can ensure that cutting edge cybersecurity people, processes, and technologies are in place – addressing the full spectrum of risks to your business and protecting your most valuable assets. Setting us apart is our state-of-the-art Cyber Solutions Center, located in Centreville, VA. This hands-on laboratory enables the Parsons team to demonstrate and analyze operational networks, supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, and industrial control systems (ICS) that control all critical infrastructure, building systems, manufacturing systems, medical treatment facilities, water and wastewater, transportation, and more. We can then custom design, test, and implement the technical options needed to protect the security of client networks and infrastructure, in addition to providing training to those entrusted to maintaining the security of these systems. Parsons is a leader in technological solutions, continuity of operations, critical infrastructure, and classified facility protection.

Office Locations

Pasadena Office ( HQ )

100 West Walnut Street, Pasadena, CA

United States

34.148588, -118.152507

+1 626.440.2000

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Jacksonville Office

1300 Riverplace Boulevard, Suite 200, Jacksonville, FL

United States

30.318059, -81.656627

+1 904.596.1400

+1 904.398.1338

Boston Office

100 High Street, Boston, MA

United States

42.354474, -71.055401

+1 617.946.9400

+1 617.946.9777

Canada Office

1800 McGill College Avenue, Suite 510, Montréal


45.502553, -73.572518

+1 514.375.4949

+1 514.375.4950