Company Description:

Cronus Cyber is a software product company that develops software solutions for the Automated Penetration Testing market place. Cronus Cyber is a leading provider of an integrated solution that includes software technology that enables real-time penetration testing using autonomous Agents (CyBot pro) designed to operate complex hacking scenarios. A Reasoning Engine and an underlying Knowledge-Base that includes hacking scenarios is continually defined by our hacking experts and updated into the product – CyBot Pro.

Cronus Cyber mission statement is to protect organizations with a solution that anticipates and prevents Cyber Attacks before they occur – using unique and innovative algorithms that imitate the behavior of human hackers continuously, 24/7 365 days a year.

Office Locations

Israel Office ( HQ )

10 Guglielmo Marconi St., Haifa


32.788988, 35.032945

+972 47709180