Company Description:

KELA Targeted Cyber Intelligence is a cyber company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. We specialize in providing our clients with intelligence about cyber threats specifically targeting them (exposed IT systems, breached employee credentials, product vulnerabilities etc.).

We do this using the RaDark technology developed in house. RaDark was designed to emulate the intelligence gathering process done by the hackers, which precedes all APT attacks. It enables clients to see what information is available to, and being discussed by, the hacker community specifically against their organization – the clients’ domains and IP addresses, privileged users, IT systems, products, etc. This is done through advanced filtering algorithms that automatically scan a set of Dark Net information sources, constantly maintained and refreshed by our analyst team.

Our intelligence is used by some of the largest organizations in the world across all verticals – financial services, oil and gas, telecoms, and others.

Office Locations

Tel-Aviv Office ( HQ )

Ha'arbah 21 (Platinum), Floor 22, Tel-Aviv, Tel-Aviv


32.070519, 34.787286

+972 (3) 970 2720