Company Description:

Phantom is a security automation and orchestration platform that integrates with your existing security technologies in order to provide a layer of “connective tissue” between them.

Phantom streamlines security operations through the execution of digital “Playbooks” to achieve in seconds what may normally take minutes or hours to accomplish with the dozens of point products that you use every day.

Phantom doesn’t replace existing security products, but instead makes your investment in them smarter, faster and stronger.

Phantom accomplishes this through a logical architecture that abstracts product capabilities, through the Phantom App model, into simple Actions that can be automated from within Playbooks. This allows Phantom to act as an “operating system” for your security products.

Office Locations

US Office ( HQ )

2479 East Bayshore Road Suite 180, Palo Alto, CA

United States

37.448310, -122.118533

[email protected]