Company Description:

Secure Cyber Defense provides expert cybersecurity consulting and managed services to manufacturing companies, local governments, government contractors, K-12 schools, and universities. As cybersecurity and technology experts, you can trust us to keep your company to stay one step ahead of cyber threats.
Our core belief is that being “Cyber Aware means being Cyber Prepared.” That’s why we hire and train the best cybersecurity and incident response analysts from the Secret Service, local law enforcement, and various branches of the military to educate and safeguard our clients. Our partnership with industry-leader Fortinet ensures we bring the latest technology and thinking to your cybersecurity plan.
We’re also big believers in training and educating our partners and the business community. Our GoCyber center is a dedicated executive cybersecurity training center focused on the significant components of cyber risk and cyber preparedness.
Managing network and data security mean having to share some of the most personal aspects of your business. Our commitment is to become a trusted partner who can confidently lead you through a significant cyber incident.

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