Company Description:

Since being established in 2007, Secusmart has successfully driven forward the importance of secure communications. Only two years after their formation, the team and founders, Hans-Christoph Quelle and Christoph Erdmann, received approval for their government tender application.

From this time onwards, governmental agencies, defence ministries, and many other institutions are equipped with the secure solutions from Secusmart. A new standard, which is sought after by many corporations and governments around the world.

Bit by bit, the solutions were extended and augmented to make data communication as secure as mobile telecommunications. And besides mobile communication, Secusmart is now also securing fixed network telephony and conferences.

Now Secusmart also secures the landline phones and teleconferences of DAX quoted companies, corporate consulting agencies, and brokers to name a few. Many highly renowned customers are protecting their communications with Secusmart solutions, because their information is too valuable to allow even one tiny leak.

Office Locations

Germany Office ( HQ )

Heinrichstrasse 155, Düsseldorf


51.250219, 6.803175

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