Specialization: Managed Security

Company Description:

OMVAPT Pvt ltd Company is a Bengaluru based InfoSec Company delivering expertise solutions for IT and Information sectors of the companies. Information being vital element in the organisation and in any industry say like Banking , health care ,travelling industries we give creative and simple solutions to safeguard and enhance security systems in the organisations. We counter attack the malicious attacker even before any Security Breach by mimicking and simulating their Flaws in the system. Since the whole security system acts like a Military operation we follow strict rules of the organisation, get approvals from the key managerial roles and maintain fidelity and confidentiality with our business partners.
OMVAPT pvt ltd is also a channel Partner for RAPID7 and GFI who are the world players in the information security industry.
We are also glad that we are Exclusive distributor for WARDEN ,the First Autonomous Artificial Intelligence Smart Vulnerability Assessment Software for APAC

Our core areas are :
1. Penetration Testing
2. Vulnerability Assessment
3. Offensive Security
4. Information Security
Vulnerability Assessment:
We perform vulnerability assessment for the following
1. Database Vulnerability Analysis such as SQL, MongoDB, DB2, Oracle, BIG Data, Postgre SQL, so on & so forth.
2. Network Devices such as Routers, Switches, Software Defined Networking (SDNs).
3. Web Applications such as Apache, IIS, NGINX, PHP, Perl, Java, .NET so on & so forth. Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST).
4. The Mobile appsec such as Apple’s iOS, Microsoft Windows Mobiles, Google’s Android.
5. Server Vulnerability Analysis such as Windows Servers, Linux Servers & Apple Mac servers.
We provide the remediation reports that demands your needs.

We perform professional Penetration testing that does not result in the loss of services and disruption of the business continuity (BCP).
Penetration Testing evaluates the security model of the organisation as a whole.
It reveals likely outcomes of a real attacker are breaking into the network.
We can distinguish a penetration tester from an attacker only by his intent and lack of malicious intent
We have different levels of PT :
1. BlackHAT 2.WhiteHAT 3.GreyHAT 4.PurpleHAT

Office Locations

Bengaluru Office ( HQ )

#35, 2nd Floor, 11th Cross, Gangamma Layout, BanaShanKari 1st Stage, Ashok Nagar, Bengaluru


(12.936105, 77.563185)